Saturday, July 9, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 - The gathering in Melbourne

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 3pm Venue: Malaysian High Commission, 4-1 Hannam-dong, 140-210, Seoul

Date:9 July 2011 Time: 12.00pm Venue: Malaysian Consulate in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (simultaneous)

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 3.00pm Venue: Tower of the Sun, Osaka

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 10.00am Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia,550 South Hope Street,Suite 400, Los Angeles

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 9.30am Venue: Chrissy Field Picnic Area, Presidio, San Francisco

Date: 9 July 2011 Time: 10.00am Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 313 East 43rd Street, New York

Switch on car lights to show support

Meanwhile, PKR leaders have urged all citizens who support free and fair elections to switch on their car headlights the whole day today.

"There are many ways to show support and for those unable to come to KL, whether they are in KK, Kuching, Labis, Kuala Pilah or whichever part of Malaysia, this is one way," Vernon Kedit, another leader from PKR Sarawak told Malaysia Chronicle.

Number of arrests so far since last night - at least 10 but many have been released

"If police stops you and and checks bag, just relax and mentally note down name of the officers, details. Don't fight or scold and if they arrest you, just SMS or Twiiter your details," said PKR director for legal affairs Latheefa Koya.

The Bar Council has set up an Urgent Arrest Team, and will be on standby to help those detained. A separate Monitoring Team will also be watching out for human rights violations.

The numbers to call are Stephanie at 016-343 5202, Leena at 012-284 1895, Jeeva at 019-635 3151 and Ravin at 019-325 5825.

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