Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joint Statement by Global BERSIH 2.0

With updated list of BERSIH hotspots around the world.

The BERSIH 2.0 Global Solidarity Network strongly supports the BERSIH 2.0 rally for Clean and Fair Elections in Malaysia on the 9th of July 2011.

We urge all Malaysians abroad to unite in solidarity with our Malaysian brothers and sisters at home by joining BERSIH 2.0 walks and other events in cities across the world (see below for complete list).

Malaysians have the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech in keeping with international human rights norms.

As citizens, we demand free and fair elections, which provide the foundation a better, more democratic Malaysia. We support BERSIH 2.0’s eight points of electoral reform and call in addition for a ninth: suffrage for Malaysians residing abroad.

We, ordinary Malaysian citizens around the world, are supporting BERSIH 2.0 because we can and because we should. We believe that the future of Malaysia belongs to all our children and that together we can ensure that the legacy we leave them is a beautiful and just one. We are speaking out because we live in open democracies where the freedoms of speech and of peaceful assembly
and the right to demonstrate are the norm rather than the exception.

As is the case with the rally in Kuala Lumpur, we intend to gather peacefully and with dignity, and we shall do so without fear of water cannon, tear gas, police intimidation and brutality, or arbitrary arrest for dressing in yellow. Wherever we may be, we shall be wearing yellow T-shirts and carrying yellow banners, balloons and placards with peaceful slogans in support of clean and fair elections in Malaysia. We shall be bringing our family members both young and old.

Together with Malaysians all over the world, we urge the Najib government to support electoral reform. Clean and fair elections are essential to developing a mature and open democracy, and to safeguard the integrity of our nation for future generations.

We call on the Prime Minister to respect DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong's advice to His Majesty’s government to ‘show prudence and fairness in carrying out the duties entrusted to it by the Malaysian people’. We also urge the federal government and the Inspector-General of Police to follow this advice by releasing all those detained in connection with BERSIH 2.0, and stop
the ongoing, systematic harassment of BERSIH 2.0 supporters.

It is not too late for the Prime Minister to fulfil his duties and responsibilities in a manner that becomes his office and to allow this gathering to proceed peacefully in recognition of the will of the people. With the proper cooperation of all government agencies, we are confident the gathering will be nothing more and nothing less than a peaceful expression of a just and legitimate cause.

The eyes of the world are now on the Prime Minister and his government, in this pivotal moment that will surely define his legacy in the eyes of Malaysians as well as citizens and governments the world over. We urge him to rise to the occasion.

Press contact:
Nathaniel Tan,, +6012 318 2165
Ginie Lim,, +44 586 083 488
Global BERSIH 2.0 events in support of the BERSIH 2.0 gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Country Time Location Facebook URL Contact Person

1 New Zealand 02:00PM Wellington – Malaysian High Commission Danielle Ng Tallon

2 Australia 12:30PM Canberra –Parliament Front Entrance David Teoh

3 Australia 02:00PM Sydney – Sydney CBD Town Hall David Teoh

4 Australia 01:30PM Melbourne – Federation Square David Teoh

5 Australia 01:30PM Hobart - Parliament House Lawns, Salamanca Place Jason Lee

6 Australia 01:30PM Perth – Malaysian Consulate-
General, 252 Adelaide Terrace David Teoh

7 Australia 02:00PM Adelaide – Victoria square, Adelaide Maverick Loh

8 Australia 11:00AM Brisbane – Brisbane Square Calvyn Tan

9 Japan 03:00PM Osaka – Tower of the Sun Satya Arjunan

10 Korea 03:00PM Seoul - Gwanghwamun Subway
Station, Exit 6 Alfian Tahir
Thency Gunasekaran

11 Taiwan 02:00PM Taipei - The National Chiang Kaishek Memorial Hall, Liberty Square,Taipei KM Chan

12 Hong Kong 03:00PM Malaysian Consulate 50 Gloucester Rd Sze Wei

13 Malaysia 02:00PM Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Dave McLaren

14 Switzerland 02:00PM Zurich - Bahnhoffstrasse, Zurich, opposite Feldpausch Bala Chelliah

15 Sweden 01:00PM Stockholm - Malaysian embassy, Stockholm Karlavägen 37

16 France 02:00PM Paris – Parvis des Droits de l’Homme, Place du TrocadĂ©ro Charis Quay

17 England (UK) 12:00PM London – Malaysian High Commission, Belgrave Square Yolanda Augustin

18 Scotland (UK) 12:00PM 10/7/11
Glasgow - George Square Mesoul Bin Safie

19 Ireland (UK and Republic)
TBC 9/7/11 - Dublin, Belfast
10/7/11 – Cork, Limerick Bakhtiar Hasnawi

20 Canada 09:00AM Ottawa – Parliament Hill Angeline Woon

21 United States 10:00AM New York City – Consulate General of Malaysia,
313 East 43rd Street Leng Feng Lee

22 United States 02:00PM Washington DC – Embassy of Malaysia,
Washington ,3516 International
Court Northwest John Lee

23 United States 09:30AM San Francisco – Chrissy Field Picnic Area, Presidio Chong Pin Lim

24 United States 12:00PM Los Angeles – Pershing Square, Downtown LA
532 South Olive Street James Cheng

25 United States 12:00PM Chicago - Milennium Park (Cloud Gate / The Bean) Andrew Loh


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