Friday, July 8, 2011

MCA, don't you think you have better distance yourself from UMNO?

We have been waiting with baited breath to hear what will be the reaction of MCA and other component parties to the overreaction by the fascist regime to the Bersih rally.

Finally, MCA asked its inconsequential Tan Chai Ho to say a few words. My guess is that Chua Soi Lek and other more senior leaders in this mosquito party are unsure how to handle this Bersih problem. But since MCA needs to show some solidarity with Umno, they nominated Tan Chai Ho to offer his words of wisdom.

And this is what he said: he asked Bersih to distance itself from Pakatan Rakyat, pointing out that the Opposition was using Bersih for political mileage.

Really? You don’t say. Instead of commenting on the draconian and hilarious abuse of power to lock up individuals, bars citizens from their own city and disrespecting the King or the need for clean elections, he talks about Bersih distancing itself from the Opposition.

If my memory serves me right, Ambiga Sreenivasan invited BN to march alongside but I suppose clean and fair elections is not a priority for BN!

Taking a leaf from Chai Ho’s book (can I call you Chai Ho) may I suggest that MCA distance itself from racist Umno. Or how about leaving BN? I mean only a few days ago Perkasa (Umno’s newest wing) threatened MCA with election annihilation.

The only way for MCA to regain some support is to show the same guts and principles which Ambiga and friends are showing. The first step towards this is to leave your BN baggage behind.

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