Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can you believe this?

Senior Customs officer Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed fell 10m to his death while trying to leave the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) building in Jalan Cochrane through its third floor window on April 6, a forensic investigator told the coroner’s court today.

DSP Sharul Othman Mansor, of the Bukit

Aman forensic division and the second person to take to the witness stand on Day 1 of Sarbaini’s inquest, had earlier described finding fingerprints and a palm print on a window left ajar on the MACC’s third level pantry.

The police officer added there was a distance of 10m from the third floor pantry to a badminton court on the first floor adjacent to the MACC building, where Sarbaini’s body was found in a pool of blood.

The police officer’s testimony prompted federal counsel assisting the coroner, Hanim Mohd Rashid, to ask for his expert opinion on the incident: “Based on the position of the body, how do you think he (Sarbaini) fell?”

“Based on the position of the body, I believe he (Sarbaini) fell from the window in the pantry on the third floor; possibly he left the room through the window,” Sharul replied.

Questioned further, he elaborated that Sarbaini “tried to jump to the roo

f nearby but couldn’t (make it) and fell onto the court.”

Sharul said the forensic team had measured the span between the third floor pantry window and the roof of the badminton court and found it to be about 11 feet and nine inches (3.5m).

“It (the roof) looks close when seen while standing in the room but it’s actually when we measured, it’s about 11 feet and nine inches,” he told the inquest.

Sharul said the forensic team had discovered a bone fragment in the tiled floor grouting on the badminton court, when canvassing the area.

The coroner’s court was earlier told that Sarbaini was discovered lying on his front with his right leg bent at the knee over the left on the court.

Close-up shots of the body as projected onto a white screen in court showed the leg bone protruding.

Sharul also told the inquest his team had discovered several friction marks and shoe prints on

the walls both inside the third floor pantry and the surrounding rooms as well as outside the pantry.

The police had also reconstructed the incident on April 13 with the help of the fire brigade, Hospital UKM (HUKM) and a stunt actor, Hasri Razif Ramley, from a company called Pentas Wayang.

The inquest will resume tomorrow with a site visit to the MACC office in Jalan Cochrane at 10.00 am.

[Source: The MI]

I am sure the late En Sarbaini knows the difference between a door and a window. I believe this was his first visit to an MACC office and it would have been excusable if he had mistaken a toilet door, pantry door or closet door for an 'Exit' door, but a window?? The other question is, why would En Sarbaini leave the office via a window and not a door?? Am I the only one feeling stupid or what?

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